September 2003

"Hug an Elm"


"Nearly Harbottle Circular"



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Walk leader

George G - also the author of the notes for this month

September walkers

September Walkers


Via Harbottle Crags, Cold Law Top, lunch at fairy glen nearly waterfall (one drop seen by George) to nearly Yardhope, through Holystone ancient woodlands to nearly Holystone, Lady's Well and back to cars via nearly paths.

September walkers 2


Sunny and extremely hot out of breeze. Second hottest walk of the year after GG's last month. After Cold Law, breeze dropped off.


George G, Ron, Ashley and Bernie.

Walkers in colour

Apologies and Excuses

Mike and Michelle - hospitalised parent

Carol - in London

Evelyn - elsewhere in London

George B - visiting mother in Scotland

Lance and Julie - elsewhere in Scotland


Intrepid explorers


A typical GG forest walk, sometimes we knew where we were. Several dozen tanks were intimidating. Picked up several bits of ordnance, none of which exploded. Nice views from various points. Lots of spourey(?) bracken. Challenging terrain through woods due to fallen trees. LONGEST 8 miles you'll ever do (6 hours). Lunch was taken at 2 pm. Much to our amazement, saw other people on the walk (tourist bits). Bernie's first 'wandering aimlessly through the woods' walk. Car wasn't where GPS said it was (quarter of a mile out).

The Blair Witch Project had nothing on this walk...Strange noises in the woods. You don't know what you missed.

Twigs and expert tracking through the woods especially HU-Ron. Not so much Apache as blotchy and not so much Navajo as have-a-no idea. NO ELM TREES FOUND TO HUG.

Wildlife: Small Sitka spruce deer? Wren, wood pigeon, rabbit, bird of prey, pheasant on wall, red spider in web suspended across footpath and ants.


Hug an Elm?

Evening meal

Shoulder of Mutton, Longhorsely. EXCELLENT.

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