May 2003

May walkers

May walkers

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Walk leader



Blindburn, Beef Stand Hill, Mozie Law, back to Blindburn (11 miles) - apart from George G who took a shortcut from the mountain hut.


Fair - sunny but windy.


Ashley, George B, George G, Lance, Ron, Sandy and the girls.

Group on the bridge

Group on the bridge

Apologies and Excuses

Mike and Michelle - shopping, and preparing for going to Crete next day

Bernie - unknown

Evelyn - playing in a concert

Julie - in Florida again!

Carol - digging her garden

Mountain hut

Mountain hut


Windy weather, and the ground was very dry. There were long stretches of paving stones which made the walk easy in places. Met at least six other people, including two miserable twitchers. Set foot in Scotland (Beth had one foot in Scotland). Alex and Beth did an 11 mile walk in wellies. A civilised lunch spot in a hut - details of F.A.R.T.S. left in the visitors' notebook.

Wildlife: lots of larks, 3 Cheviot goats, lots of kamikaze lambs, 3 herons, collie puppies, penguins, brook trout, sandmartins, pied wagtail, dippers, redstart, wild primrose, wild strawberries - and one tree. George saw a goat nest with kids.

Hut 2

The hut again

Evening meal

The Border Minstrel. Evelyn joined the group for a short time after her concert

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