November 2003

On the wall

On the wall

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Walk leader


November's Walkers

November's Walkers


Low Geltbridge to Talkin and back.


Overcast, with sunny spells, and mild.


Lance, Julie, Michelle, Michael, Evelyn, George B, Ashley, Heidi, Jill. George G and Carol did the 'Saga' walk.

Group 2

Second view of group

Apologies and Excuses

Ron, Sandy and the girls - celebrating Beth's birthday

Bernie - having a lie-in


Examining the Stump

Rocking table

Rocking table, or "Group Hugs"


Stunningly beautiful autumn colours. Crunchy underfoot, knee-deep in leaves, and lots of kicking of leaves - very noisy. Rocking table, cuddly toy. Walked along by the river, with lunch stop under a railway viaduct. Two trains passed, but no-one waved back. Friendly dog with a ball, where Lance had to ask for directions (points off!). Swinging bridge. Nice pub with roaring fire where we stopped and bombarded the landlord with 20 notes. Good menu, but no-one there to cook it. There was a Leeds hung sheep and an elephant from Bolton. Later, elusive Roman rocks. Passed a Motocross circuit and a sand quarry. Also saw a spoon tree. Navigation was tricky due to a fork in the road.

Wildlife: "This walk was a load of bull" - at least 3 - and herons (4), dippers, buzzards (2), wrens. Motionless cows (passed through a set of the Avengers). A unicorn (disputed), pig and pelican and a meer-kat. Alarmed a pheasant stuck in the hedge. Odd sunken sheep (remarkably like cows). In the twilight, passed horses in colourful coats.

By the river

By the river

En route

En route

Evening meal

The Plough at Eastwick. Meal better than expected - in fact, very good. Ashley was influenced by a young girl with a pony tail. Ron came later for a drink.

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