June 2003

June group

In the car park at Honister Slate Mine

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Walk leader

Julie's first walk

Group en route

Group en route


Honister Slate Mine, Grey Knotts, Brandreth, Haystacks, back to Honister Slate Mine (not via the walk extension).


Superb - a nice breeze in places, sunny with a little cloud at times.


Julie, Lance, Evelyn, George, George G, Bernie, Ashley.

Apologies and Excuses

Michael and Michelle - recovering after a heavy week's work

Carol - in Edinburgh

Ron, Sandy and the girls - not sure


Lunch at Haystacks


There were lots of flying, biting beetles lower down. We walked through the slate quarry at the start. The footpaths were substantially improved. There were a lot of people heading in the other direction. During the walk we saw various swimming dogs and dead sheep, as well as a lot of black lambs. Other wildlife: An unidentifiable bird of prey, a skylark, a duck on its own island. There was a type of lily in the tarns, and saw lots of other lilac and yellow flowers, as well as bog and cotton grass.

Before lunch, Bernie nearly demised through hunger. We ate lunch by the tarn on Haystacks. George G traversed some stepping stones to a big rock. En route there were stunning views of the Gables, as well as good views of Crummock Water, Buttermere and Ennerdale. There was a long descent, after which GG said "never again", again. His talking walking machine told us how far we had gone - 100046 paces.

Afterwards we visited the slate mine, then lower down we had ice cream at Seatoller Farm in a pleasant beer garden. There was a joint attempt to calculate the height of a redwood tree - 150ft.

George's journey across the tarn

George's journey 1

George's journey 2

George's journey 3

George's journey 4

Evening meal

The Dog and Gun at Keswick, with only Julie, Lance, Evelyn and George B as everyone else had gone home.

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