March 2003

Castle Bolton

At Castle Bolton

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Walk leader


Frogspawn area

Frogspawn area


Castle Bolton - Woodhall - Aysgarth Falls - Castle Bolton.


Cloudy at first, sunny in the afternoon, warm in sheltered spots.


Ron, Sandy and the girls, Michelle, Michael, Evelyn, George, Carol, Ashley.

At the Lower Falls

At the Lower Falls

Apologies and Excuses

George G - massage

Bernie - family commitments

Lance - pinny duties

Julie - supervising Lance's pinny duties

On the Stairs

On the Stairs


A "stilish" walk - lots of them en route. The stiles got progressively narrower.

Wildlife: black rabbit, dead rat, white ducks, hen harem, thousands of lapwings, oyster catchers, curlews, wren, heron, finches, frogspawn. Also new-born lambs.

Lots of waterfalls - very spectacular. Nice view at lunch, near some buried cars - 75% sure that one was a Landrover. Saw a knife in the stream, near George G's watershute. Later saw a bull hiding in the hay. George B became stuck in a quagmire of cowpat, in the "shitty farmyard". Lots of barking dogs, and an old rusty tractor.

Upper Falls

At the Upper Falls

Evening meal

Ravensworth Arms at Lamesley, minus Ashley.


Lunch stop

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