July 2003



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Walk leaders

George B and Michelle, in the absence of Lance, who was on a mountain in Switzerland.

Lance and Julie

Lance and Julie in Switzerland


Hartop, Pasture Beck, Thornthwaite Beacon, High Street, Knott, Hayeswater, ending at Hartop.


According to the Met Office, SSW mild to moderate breeze, fresh at times. In reality hot and sticky low down, very fresh and cloudy up top.


Michelle, Michael, Evelyn and George.


Half way up

Apologies and Excuses

George G - saving his knees for Austria

Bernie - getting ready to go to Austria

Lance - in Switzerland

Julie - likewise

Ashley - in Spain

Ron, Sandy and the girls - at East Fortune Air Show

Carol - working

Philippa - unknown

Pasture Beck

Pasture Beck


At least seven expanses of water. Frequent changes of clothes. Wildlife: Two big owls en route, a dead sheep, a black and white cat out for a walk, rooks with a croak, wheatear, skylark, tadpoles, unidentified yellow flowers. A fourteen-and-a-half year old black Labrador walking further than usual. Well-engineered path (Pasture Beck), led to a difficult scree ascent. Lunch behind a wall - sheltered from most of the wind. Michelle regretted taking hats and gloves out of the rucksack before walking. Very busy on top - typical for a High Street on a Saturday. Saw two greater spotted mad cyclists carrying bikes up a hill, and two who nearly demolished a gate. The stream from Hayeswater had tumbling water chutes and nice clear pools surrounded by trees. Super Lakeland ice-creams at Glenridding afterwards.

Thornthwaite Beacon

At Thornthwaite Beacon

Evening meal

The Shepherds Inn at Melmerby.

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