August 2003

Picture of sartorial elegance

"A Picture of Sartorial Elegance"

Walk leader* Route* Weather* Walkers* Apologies and Excuses* Comments* Evening Meal

Walk leader

George G

A hot start

A hot start


"The Wilds of Wanney" - approximately 9 miles


Hot to very hot. 30.5 degrees C (87 degrees F).

At the start

Walkers at the start


George G, Ashley, Lance, Evelyn, George B, Carol, Ron, Sandy and the girls.

Wilds of Wanney

The Wilds of Wanney

Apologies and Excuses

Mike - shopping

Michelle - on call

Bernie - An Teallach

Julie - entertaining Kiwi Sue

In the jungle

In the jungle


Ashley was using his 'Brownie' camera, so some of the pictures are in black and white.

Dubbed the 'nettle' walk - the most nettly walk since the last nettly walk (courtesy of Lance) - we were all wearing shorts, as well. We climbed up to Wanney Crag through the ferns - Beth was submerged in the bracken. There were attractive views - the heather was in full flower (now on George G's car). There was lots of pollen. No-one had enough water - everyone was very dehydrated. The forest disappeared fast until there was no shade left.

Wildlife: Saw many Painted Ladies, and some peacock butterflies. There was a disputed sighting of a kite. Also lots of dessicated crunchy dead rabbits.There was a fast black and yellow caterpillar at lunchtime. Also seen - a small black lizard, a large bull among the cows, and a dragonfly.

Some cheats - Evelyn and George B - took a shortcut home, which turned out to be hard work. Saw a Wheatstone Bridge and a bird spread over the road. The second refreshment stop was described as 'a picturesque spot to die'.


Lunch stop

Evening meal

Knowesgate - lots of animal heads on the wall. Many noted that beer was a good quencher of thirst. Good meal.

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