January 2003



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Walk leader


Group on the Lake

Group on the Lake


Kettlewell via Lodore Falls, Watendlath and back via Bowderstone.


Sunny and very cold (-2 degrees at the start, but +2 degrees by the finish).


Michelle, Michael, Evelyn, George, Carol, Ron, Sandy and the girls.

Walkers in the Wood

Walkers in the Wood

Apologies and Excuses

George G - saving his knees for skiing

Bernie - catching up on school work

Lance - in Braemar

Julie - likewise

Beth and Pony

Beth and Pony


Derwentwater was frozen. There were super views of Skiddaw, which was covered in snow. Beth was sporting her best pearlescent 'Forever Friends' wellies. We wandered around the woods looking (successfully) for the Lodore Falls. Nice sunny lunch spot - but it was cold when the sun dipped behind the trees. It was like a skating rink - this walk takes the prize for the most 'prat falls'. Only Carol did not fall. Beth fell seven times.

At Watendlath there were lots of noisy ducks and geese, a pot-bellied pig and 2 very nosy Welsh ponies, one of which ran off with Michael's rucksack. It also tried to eat the plaits on Evelyn's hat. One even tried to eat the pig. Also spotted: a friendly robin, a dipper, a wren, and a great tit, and we heard an owl.

Took a second break at Bowderstone, and most of us climbed it. We followed a dead-end path and had to make a detour.Some of us finished the walk at Borrowdale whilst Mike and Michelle, Ron and George B went for the cars. We had tea and coffee in front of a warm fire at Borrowdale Hotel, in our stockinged feet as we weren't allowed to wear boots in the hotel.


Pig at Watendlath

Evening meal

The Dog and Gun at Keswick, where we had to reorganise the tables. 6 goulash, one chicken pie and 2 baguettes. Only Ron and the girls had puddings. Nice pub with good beer.

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