October 2003


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Walk leader



Kirk Yetholm - Pennine Way - Black Hags (Lance changed his mind and would not stop to discuss it!) - traversed the curr through the very pleasant woods - back to the road and Kirk Yetholm (missed the bus).


Sunny and calm - t-shirt weather.


Lance, Julie, Ashley, George G, Bernie, Ron, Sandy and the girls.

Apologies and Excuses

Evelyn and George B - getting Evelyn's car fixed

Carol - poorly

Mike and Michelle - Michelle on call

Heidi - "thanks but no thanks"



"A damned fine walk" according to Lance. Unless the next two walks are "really something", this will get Bernie's vote for Walk of the Year. The rest said that Lance's estimate of the length of the walk was "rubbish" He said 8.5 miles, but it was actually 11.55. There was a lot of gate climbing. A 'donkey' gate - it went "Eee" when opened and "Oore" when closed. All the paths were deleted from Ashley's 2003 map. Julie met some friends. Several thatched roofs.

Wildlife: Lots of pheasants, peacock, swans, heron, fox, stoat, rabbits, brown trout, sticklebacks and minnows. Plastic heron in a corner of the cemetery. Deer en route and on the way back. Lots of bulls and two white (racist) cows. Howard the bull. Possible buzzard sighting. Beth fed hay to a horse.

Evening meal

The Shoulder of Mutton. Joined by Evelyn and George.

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