April 2003

Loweswater and Buttermere

Loweswater and Buttermere

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Walk leader


At the start

At the start


Maggie's Bridge - Carling Knott - return by Holme Wood.


Initially sunny, then mixed cloud and sun. Tiny breeze. It was so dry you could lie on the sphagnum moss - very dry underfoot.


Michelle, Michael, Carol, George G, Lance, Philippa.



Apologies and Excuses

George and Evelyn - trying to sell a house

Bernie and Ashley - watching the Toon being stuffed 6 - 2 by Manchester United

Sandy, Ron and the girls - in Chamonix

Julie - entertaining a Kiwi

End of walk

At the end of the walk


Lovely views (surprisingly) - "huge panoramic vistas", Michelle said. A contender for the most peaks in the Lake District in one view. Everyone opted for the long walk. Carol wasn't last - on a technical issue - Michael was both first and last. They nearly resorted to mountain rescue for no good reason (lost him for a while). Lance did part of the walk twice. Michael says that the others lost him, the others say that he was lost. Michelle uttered profanities! Lots of interesting discussions about shoes, Harvey Nicks and clocks (this nearly caused a punch-up in the pub afterwards!).

Saw a van full of huge hounds and tiny terriers, and a man with a hunting horn. Huge St. Bernard. Other wildlife: tree creepers, buzzards, rooks, yellowhammers, greylag geese, goats, coot, moorhen, great crested grebe, owl, tufted ducks, huge rabbits, spring lambs, horse, magpie, wren and robin.

Invented a new element to walks - ponder points. They had two of them. There was a huge fire at Ennerdale. They did not see anyone - it was deserted most of the way round. A new pub was discovered near Loweswater - Kirkstile Inn. It was small, cosy, a typical lakeland pub with a nice garden. Flowers seen: snake-head fritalerias, tulips, bluebells, cowslip, wood sorrell, celandine.

In addition: Philippa put her lipstick on in the middle of the walk. Carol's lipsalve dates from her visit to Pitlochry fourteen years ago. George G wore his brand new lime green hat. There was an interesting double stile at a right angle in the wall, so you could go from field to field without setting foot on the one in the middle.

Evening meal

Cart's Bog Inn. Joined by George and Evelyn, and Ashley, who drowned his sorrows. Food excellent. Note: we need to book a table in future.

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