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Walk leader

George B


Haweswater Car Park - High Street - Mardale III - Kentmere.


Very good, sunny, a bit windy and cool on the top.


George B., Ron, Alex and Beth. Evelyn did a short walk round the foot of Haweswater, with an extra walk at the end looking for a phone signal.

Apologies and Excuses

Sandy - at a course in Bournemouth

Mike and Michelle - catching up after their holiday

Bernie - not known

Ashley and George G - visiting Julie and Lance in Fife

Carol - couldn't make it


Postponed from two weeks earlier, when only George B and Ashley were available. Great walk, pity about the navigation. A to B, instead of A to A. First time this mistake has been made since records started. All went well until Mardale III where we headed south instead of east and ended up near Kentmere. It was 5 p.m. by this time, and it would have meant a two-hour walk back to the cars. There was no phone signal at Haweswater so Evelyn could not be reached. By extreme good fortune, a taxi appeared and was able to take us back to Haweswater (at enormous cost!).

Good views down Haweswater, also of Coniston and Derwentwater and the cement works at Shap to the east. Saw the rescue helicopter flying round. Excavator on Mardale III.

Wildlife: Robin (close up), and a young buzzard fairly close. Tame bullfinches and a dragonfly in the car park.

Evening meal

Carts Bog - a bit late but very good. Staff very attentive.

Picture Gallery


At the start


Beth above Haweswater

From Kidstye Howes

Haweswater from Kidstye Howes


Looking down Riggindale

Excavator on Mardale

Excavator on Mardale III

Alex and Beacon

Alex and Beacon

Near Mardale Ill Bell

Near Mardale Ill Bell

Black sheep

Black sheep

Route to Kentmere

Route to Kentmere

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