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Walk leader

Lance and Julie


Tollishill by Carfraemill - Lammerlaw - West Hill and back (round route).


Windy, overcast, sunny spells later on. Visibility excellent. Cool for the time of year.


Lance, Julie, Ron, Sandy, Alex, Ashley, George B., Carol. Evelyn walked to Windy Law and back; George G. did the last part of the walk twice.

Apologies and Excuses

Mike and Michelle - studying and housekeeping

Bernie - en route to France

Beth - travelling back from Outward Bound


Started at the standing stone at Tollishill. Stunning views, especially at lunch stop - Edinburgh, Pentlands, North Berwick, Bass Rock, Lomond Hills, Schiehallion, Lawers Range, Cheviot Eildon Hills and much more. Lots of wind farms. Heather in bloom. It was the Glorious 12th - lots of grouse, shooters and grouse-beaters. A stream of grouse shooters returning at the end of the day.

Rough going through the heather and a dry bog. Lamb's tail complete with rubber band. Met with GG at Kelphope - mistook him for a red flag. He had already done the Standing Stone walk twice (5 yards), and also did the last part of the walk twice because he thought he had missed everyone. Lots of dead wildlife.

Wildlife: Adder curled up, lizard with no tail, 2 robins, lots of rabbits (more than ever seen before), grouse, pheasant chicks, red admiral butterflies, buzzard.

Evening meal

Carfraemill Hotel. General opinion was that it was an excellent meal.

Picture Gallery

Hats and gloves

Hats and Gloves in August!


Trudge trudge

Group in the heather

Group in the Heather



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