The Walk

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Walk leader

George B


Alnmouth Foreshore car park - Foxton Hall - Lesbury - Bilton Mill - Greenrigg - Spylaw - Bilton Barns - Wooden Farm - Hipsburn - Alnmouth.


Very cold, but dry. Bright after lunch. Cold wind.


George B., Ashley, Ron, Sandy, Beth.

Apologies and Excuses

Carol - decorating

Alex - packing to go to Paris

George G - not known

Evelyn - after effects of ski-ing

Mike and Michelle - studying and going to concert (Kodo drummers)


Saw lots of trains - a yellow 125, a Pullman and a very quiet Virgin, Inverness-London train. Ashley met Jack (a dental technician) on the golf course. Sang 'Happy Birthday' to Ashley (48). He won the 'hoying the turnip' competition. Had lunch by the River Aln. Modern Bridge at Lesbury - a bit like the Millenium Bridge. Saw a quarry with a shooting range.

Wildlife: Lots of friendly horses. Herons, kestrels, three black cats, large skein of geese, bull, lots of crows.

Evening meal

Border Minstrel. Joined by Carol and Evelyn. Generally considered a good meal.

Picture Gallery

February's walkers

February's walkers



Horse Woman

The Horse Woman of Alnmounth

Waiting for Rain

Waiting for the Rain

People to scale

People to Scale

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