Bridge at Juniper

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Walk leader



Dipton Mill - Dotland - Whitley Mill - Mollersteads - Dotland Park - Juniper - Dipton Mill.


Windy and wet - intermittent showers with persistent drizzle. Cleared up after lunch, and it was a nice sunny afternoon.


Michelle, Michael, George B., Ashley, Bernie, Carol.

Apologies and Excuses

Ron, Sandy, Alex and Beth - Ron's Christmas do.

Evelyn - wanted to do a short walk, but had no-one to accompany her, so walked round Dinnington.


Good views, clarty, although some parts very dry. Saw Hexham racecourse for the first time. Jumped over the horse jumps on Dipton Burn. Michelle and Carol took the dangerous high road. Saw a crashed car on valley side - wrapped around a tree. Conspicuous lack of wildlife early on. Interesting conversation about Mary Queen of Scots, and cannons.

Difficulty with route-finding - pedantic markers. Lots of slippy stiles, ridges and stones. Several lovely rainbows about which Carol and Michelle had a philosophical conversation. Nice houses and gardens, pollarded beach trees. Route-finding needed a knowledge of trees. Passed a mediaeval village with a chimney still intact. Wettish lunch spot - large drops falling from the trees.

Afternoon tea stop under a holly bush with a lot of berries. Lots of berries on other bushes - sign of a hard winter? Met a nasty dog (actually a brown labrador, although it looked a bit like a rottweiler as it charged towards us). It was rewarded with a biscuit by its owner.

Wildlife: Lots of field birds, blue tits, a deer, squirrel, hare, and some chubby sheep ("ugly b......s", according to Carol). Devil sheep (rams). Shiny white and black pigs.

Evening meal

The Rat, Anick. Mediocre fare, but the Christmas pudding was very nice. Joined by Evelyn.

Picture Gallery


At the start



More jumps

More jumps



Rainbow near Dotland

Rainbow near Dotland

Hexham Racecourse

Hexham Racecourse

Sun and Clouds

Sun and Clouds


Stone houses

Ashley and George

Ashley and George at bridge

Bernie and Carol

Bernie and Carol at bridge

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