The Amble Ramble

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Walk leader

George G


'The Amble Ramble' - as on the map. Braid Car Park - Marina - Piers - Gibson Street to New Hall - New Barns - Warkworth - Sun Hotel - back to Braid along the riverside. Saga walk missed New Barns extension.


Blizzard en route by car, but cleared up. Very windy and bitterly cold by the coast. Brightened to give some sunshine and blue sky. Start 1 degree C, finish 2 degrees C.


George G., Bernie, Carol, George B., Ashley, Ron.

Apologies and Excuses

Alex - packing to go to Paris

Beth - ski-ing at Silksworth

Sandy - running around as taxi driver

Evelyn - too much to do

Mike and Michelle - just got back from somewhere


First walk for a long time when Bernie has kept all her (5) layers on. Muddy in places. Very bracing on the pier. Salt water showers. Big waves coming in the harbour mouth. Good toilets. Passed several cafes. A lot of dogs' dirt. People fishing off the pier. Walked up the High Street feeling very overdressed. Spotted a UFO and a space rocket on Warkworth Castle ramparts. Ashley fed the ducks with some chips that he fished out of the litter bin, causing a frenzy.

Smelly bridge at Warkworth, as it was being painted. Fourteenth century bridge at Warkworth. Met up with a couple of hermits by the river Coquet. Pub stop at the Sun Hotel in Warkworth - some difficulty getting in until Bernie tried opening the door (no handle). Nice music.

Wildlife: Lots of ducks: eider, shell. Cormorants, oyster catchers, Canada geese, turnstone or sanderling, kestrel, robin, blue tits. No heron. Giant cows. Seal.

Some had Thornton's rejects at George G's before the meal. Looked for wildlife on his reef, and found some. Carol fell asleep within seconds of sitting down.

Evening meal

Falcon's Nest, North Gosforth. Nice meal. Superb Sticky Richard pudding.

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