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Walk leader



From Salters Gate down to Tunstall reservoir, circumnavigation of the reservoir and a figure of 8 back to the cars.


A cold and frosty Boxing Day with music in the ears (at least for Beth and Alex), the rest of us just has a cold breeze blowing in ours. The frost was standing out from the trees and grass like razor blades and just as sharp and hard. We can definitely say that it was very, very, very cold.


Carol, Sandy, Ron, Beth, Alex, Michael, Michelle.

Apologies and Excuses

Everyone else – too much Christmas fare, and family commitments.


Although short (4 mile – ish) the walk should have had a health and safety assessment judging by the multitude of signs:

+ Danger deep water

+ Danger backcasting

+ Danger steep drops

+ Danger ‘quicksand’

+ Danger no swimming

To list but a few of the many dangers on this walk! The outrun of the dam looked like it could offer some fantastic skiing or sledging opportunities - given a little more ice or snow.

Cuddly sheep (sorry rams) abounded in the fields, or at least Ron and Beth thought so – a good scratch on the head was allowed! A very male oriented walk – although the Bull didn’t appear to be too impressed (and we wouldn’t try and scratch his head!). The trees were particularly spectacular, with masses of ice.

Wildlife: Lots of noisy domestic geese (must have been overlooked for Christmas – but then there’s always New Year!). Sheep (both sexes); Cows and a very large bull; Muscovy Ducks (nothing to do with sugar); Tufty Ducks; Greater spotted woodpecker (according to Ron – and we believe him!).

Evening meal

Evening meal didn’t happen due to Carol’s overindulgence on Christmas day and the girls' need to pay attention to Christmas pressies (before the MP3 players ran out of music). However, coffee and tea with lots of biscuits and chocs back at Carol’s was very much appreciated.

Picture Gallery

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