The Walk

The Walk

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Walk leader



Barningham - Bragg House - How Tallon - circular.

Saga route: Returned from Bragg House to Barningham


Bleak, wet, misty - but started to clear towards the end.


Ashley and George B (he-men). George G and Carol (Saga walkers).

Apologies and Excuses

Michael and Michelle - domestic duties.

Ron, Sandy and family - bottled out of getting their feet wet.

Lance and Julie - on Skye.

Bernie - Owen worshipping and extreme new-term busy-ness.

Evelyn - lazy day.


Unremittingly bleak, but enjoyable. Walked all the way from County Durham to Yorkshire (no phone signal in Yorkshire) and back again. Blackberry way - very sweet, large brambles, also raspberries, elderberries and rosehips. Interesting perambulations in the mist - resolved by some good navigation. Interesting doorway on the village green, and four quoits courts. Shooting butts in the wall with peat cover - numbered. Number 2 not recommended. George B now knows what a badger is and where Green Lane is. Nice tea room with tea pots that couldn't pour. There was a post office at Barningham. Lots of water in the burns . Did not see the kiln. Didn't meet any other person on the walk.

Wildlife: Lots of female pheasants; rabbits with mixy, black grouse, very fat sheep, emus, llamas, alpacas, sea urchins, baby calves.

Evening meal

Derwent Crossing. Food had some problems, but nice apple pie.

Picture Gallery



Hidden door

Hidden door





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