Runswick Bay

Runswick Bay

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Walk leader



Staithes - Runswick Bay - Hinderwell - Staithes


Sunny en route to the walk, but then not as sunny as forecast, overcast with cold north wind. Some sunny spells, especially in Runswick Bay.


Ron, Sandy, Alex, Beth, George G, George B, Evelyn, Carol, Ashley, Mike, Michelle.

Apologies and Excuses

Bernie - doing school work

Lance and Julie - in Fife


A walk of two halves - windy going out, muddy coming back. Figure of eight fountain in Staithes. Had to go all the way down to the harbour at Staithes and then climbed all the way back up. Carol made it all the way round for the first time in 3 years.

Saw several ships. Lunch stop in a sunny, sheltered spot at Runswick Bay. Misplaced Beth temporarily. Runswick Bay was very pretty. Walked through a council estate on the way back.

Wildlife: Ducks sheltering on a pond, oystercatcher, blackbirds, two chaffinches, two gulls sunning themselves on a flat roof, gull trying to sit on a rotating chimney cowell, small black pony at Staithes, brown pony at Runswick Green. Evelyn saw a black and white cat sunbathing amongst some daffodils.

Went to Carol's for afternoon tea.

Evening meal

Mill House, Springwell. Excellent, but very large portions of sophisticated nosh.

Picture Gallery

Cold start

A cold start

At Staithes Harbour

At Staithes Harbour

Cliff top

Walking the cliff top

Runswick Bay north

Runswick Bay north

Lunch stop

Lunch stop


Rooftop seagulls

Runswick Bay

Approaching Runswick Bay

Beth and chickens

Beth feeding chickens

Mud again

The theme continues

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