Nidderdale Map

Nidderdale Map

Path profile

Path Profile

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Walk leader

George B


Dacre Banks - Heyshaw - Guise Cliff Wood - Bewerley - Pately Bridge - Glass Houses - crossed the River Nidd and returned to Dacre Banks along the south bank of the river.

All together until lunch below the radio mast at Guise Cliff, then the hard cases went left into the woods and near disaster (see below). The Saga group (GG and Carol) headed down to the valley through the woods to New York and along the river bank via a detour to the start.


Cold and windy. Some sunshine (5%), and a few spots of rain.


George B, Ashley, Ron, Bernie, George G and Carol.

Apologies and Excuses

Michelle and Mike - recuperating from work

Sandy - looking after Beth

Beth - recovering from illness

Alex - at karate

Evelyn - croaky


Nice sheltered lunch spot with good view. Pleasant loo stop. Lots of attractive stone houses and garden. Lot of Duke of Edinburgh walkers. GG and Carol rescued a pheasant. Superb tea room with nice music. Ashley had a cheese and bacon scone. The fruit scones were the biggest ever seen. Monet-type bridge and water wheel in the garden.

Crevasses on Nidderdale Way. Out-of-this-world wood - huge rocks covered with moss, lots of fallen trees, a bit like the woodland in 'Lord of the Rings'. Hard going to scramble through, and hard to tell what was firm ground. A lot of thin stiles - some were quite high. Bridge at Pately Bridge on the site of a ford. Spectacular metal bridge with substantial spiked wrought-iron gates over the river leading to huge "Addams Family" type mansion. Lots of yapping dogs. No Grand National in the pub at the end - the reason for the high-speed finish.

Wildlife: Something with a black top on its tail, thought to be a stoat; lots of ducks, geese, moorhen, a swan and signets, pheasants, grey wagtail, chaffinches, blue tit, kestrel en route, robin. Lots of lambs with numbers matching their mothers; trout (in trout farm), rabbits (including a rabbit attempting a very difficult rock climb), horses (we know this is what they were because the sign said so). Passed a biker campsite at Pately Bridge - high density of tents no bikes in sight but a lot of leather on view. Dead bit of wildlife at lunch site - it was removed so as not to offend the sensitive. A couple of posing lambs at a stone stile. The Saga group saw four sickly sheep and a large number of emaciated cattle.

Evening meal

The Angel View. Joined by Evelyn. Good value for money, quite tasty. Bernie got a lot of Scampi. Plenty of vegetables. Rubbishy music in the restaurant but great in the toilets.

Picture Gallery

April Walkers

April walkers


First Lambs

Fellow walkers

Fellow walkers, perhaps?

Group en route

Group en route

Not so wild life

Not so wild life


At lunch

Wot, no path?

Wot, no path?

Dingly Dell

Dingly Dell

Who goes there?

Who goes there? PHOTO OF THE YEAR

Toad Hall

Toad Hall



Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea


The meal

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