Rennie's Burn

Rennie's Burn

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Walk leader



Upper Coquet Valley; Start at Makendon, north on bridleway to Deel Hill and Border Ridge. Return via Dere Street and Roman camps then east on road to the start.


Very cold, very windy, mostly cloudly with occasional sunshine. Rained when in hut for lunch.


Lance, Julie, Ashley, George G, Ron, Sandy, Alex Beth.

Apologies and Excuses

Carol - weather dependent

Mike - working

Michelle - not sure

George G - the Verbier cold

Evelyn - the Verbier cold


Thank heaven for Gore-tex boots and wellies. Passed army personnel with gas masks and guns. GG and Ashley alsomst collided with a Post Office van. Very wet underfoot and largely boggy. Occasionally found paths, and part of paved path was under water. Found smoke bombs, flares and used munitions as well as a phial of nerve agent.

Lunch in refuge hut with interesting comments in the visitors book. We seem to like hiking more that lots of others. Also, no-one suffered any retracted testicles or painful nipples (at least, nobody admitted to it). Visited Scotland again with Beth having a leg either side of the border. Julie, Lance and Ashley visited the Roman camps whilst the rest missed that out. No other walkers on the route (not surprising, really). Donned waterproofs in the hut but it never rained again - still, they were useful for keeping the wind out. Clear blue skies to north, south, east and west, but not over us. Ashley liked the molasses flavour sheep-lick.

Wildlife: two grouse, two herds of wild goats, two flocks of waders(?). Yellow sheep.

Evening meal

Linden Tree pub, canny good (GG), a late replacement for the closed Shoulder of Mutton.

Picture Gallery

February walkers

February walkers

In the Rough

In the rough







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