Long Road

The Long and Winding Road

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Walk leader

George G


Intended route: Hethpool - Elsdonburn - St. Cuthbert's Way - Border Ridge - Trowupburn - Hethpool. Actual route: Hethpool - Elsdonburn - Hieland Coos - went straight ahead instead of turning right - Madam Law - Border Ridge (Scotland) - Eccles Cairn - Elsdonburn - Great Hetha - Hethpool.


Better than forecast - calm and cold, watery sunshine, snow showers in the distance.


George G, George B, Ashley

Apologies and Excuses

Bernie - having her hair done and looking at a new car

Carol - working last night (in her words, she "had a hard night")

Sandy - working

Alex - ice skating

Ron - pain in his shoulder

Beth - no-one to go with

Evelyn - working

Mike and Michelle - in Egypt


The original walk on the 8th was cancelled because the weather was wet with gales up to 90mph, with floods. On this day a group of us walked from the car park into the pub (see below).

New date at short notice 2 weeks later. Got lost twice - thank goodness for GPS. GB crossed the border for the second month in a row. Lots of hill forts. Frozen ground - tricky descents. Two people followed us around. There was a steep climb up to Great Hetha - a pre-ski run. Saw three gliders and a motorcycle without a seat.

Wildlife: Blackbird, two blue-tits, greenfinch. Tubby sheep (both male and female looked pregnant); shaggy cattle with wierd eyes. (Ron suggested they were on drugs - grass!)

Evening meal

On 8th January, present at the Oak Inn at Causey Park Bridge were: George G, Ashley, Bernie, Ron, George B and Evelyn. Had a good meal, though we had to turn off the annoying flashing lights. No-one else seemed to notice.

After the revised walk, we all went to George G's house, where he made us stovies (plus cake). It was all very good. Joined by Carol, Bernie, Evelyn, Ron, Sandy, Alex and Beth. This included the pre-ski 'do'.

Picture Gallery

January's walkers

January's walkers

Home again

Home again

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