The Walk

The Walk (as it should have been)

Overlooking Drake Stone I

Overlooking Drake Stone

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Walk leader

George G


Harbottle - Drake Stone - Angryhaugh - Barrow Mill - Barrow Scar - Barrow - Alwinton - Harbottle

Saga route: missed out the Angryhaugh to Barrow section and headed straight to the Rose and Thistle at Alwinton.


Hot, hot, hot. Shorts weather (except the leader). Everyone suffering from heat exhaustion.


George B, Ron, Sandy, Alex, Bernie. George G, Evelyn, Carol and Beth did the Saga walk.

Apologies and Excuses

Michael and Michelle - sorting out Mike's dad's house

Ashley - returning from Spain

Lance and Julie - in Canada


Hot climb up to Drake Stone with a friendly arthritic old gentleman with a nice dog (female). Sandy managed to get about 3 feet up the stone. Hot and sticky walking through the woods. Walked through a beautiful meadow with lots of wild flowers - wild orchids, pink clover, and yellow daisies. Failed to get through to Linnbriggs because we lost the path and found the military range. Had to retrace our steps and ford the river. Then sunbathed on the pebble beach.

Meanwhile the Saga walkers including Beth were in the pub being serenaded by Northumbrian pipes, fiddles and flutes. Saw a corn-drying kiln at Barrow Mill and a lime kiln at Low Alwinton. Evelyn and Carol had a snooze on the grass at the pub (the new dormant section of the group). Very pleasant beer garden. Beth's height measured 136cm against GG's walking stick. We decided at the pub that Beth should go into training for the 2012 Olympics as a trampolinist. George B spotted the bridge over the stream at Harbottle (hidden beside the ford). Carol and Bernie were caught exposed while changing at Harbottle.

Wildlife: Llamas en route; friendly dogs, adder (about 2 feet long), lots of horseflies, heron, trout, grey wagtails, pied wagtails, dragonflies, crickets, house martin nesting in the bus shelter at Alwinton, sheep wading in the river, lots of butterflies, minnows, cat with a mouse, beautiful horse going into Alwinton. Dessicated frog.


Shoulder of Mutton, Longhorsely. Good music (Sam Cooke). Well-presented food, with good choice.

Picture Gallery

Hot start

Hot start

In the Shade

Walkers in the shade

Climbing up to Drake Stone

Climbing up to Drake Stone

Sandy gives up

Sandy gives up

View from the top

View from the top

By Drake Stone

Next stone to Drake Stone

Snake territory

Snake territory


Lunch after the woods

Packing up

Packing up

At the pub

At the pub

Beer garden

Beer garden entertainment

Dormant section

The new dormant section

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