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Walk leader

Lance (who also wrote the notes)


Starting from Lofthouse (N. Yorkshire) walking north on the Nidderdale Way passing Goyden Pot, swinging to the west and then south as the Nidderdale Way circuits Nidderdale. Left Nidderdale Way at How Stean Gorge where we made specific and particular effort to follow the public footpath (right of way) through the gorge. The land owners have made navigating the right of way extremely difficult: they want people to pay 4 per head to go into the gorge. I think the obstacles put in the way of folk wanting to follow the right of way is criminal!


Weather was excellent even though it was raining as we drove to Lofthouse. As we parked the car the rain stopped and the sun came out, and that's how it stayed the rest of the day!


Lance and Julie only

Apologies and Excuses

Everyone else!


Observations: a wedding in the tiny village of Middlesmoor, very large numbers of swallows flying just inches off the ground made a very spectacular aerobatic display, berries in abundance - both edible and not, fossil shells galore, peacock family including very cute youngsters, a flock of swans in "V" formation, a flock of geese in "V" formation, and a large numbers of miniture humans dressed up as potholers.

Evening meal

The Angel View, Gateshead. Present: Evelyn, Julie and Lance. Food was very nice but the beer disappointing. (And it was very dark - only lit by one candle! - E.)

Picture Gallery

Nidderdale 2

Another view of Nidderdale

Julie at Goyden Pot

Julie at Goyden Pot

Julie in Goyden Pot

Julie in Goyden Pot

Lance at How Stean Gorge

Lance at How Stean Gorge


Julie at Lofthouse

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