Tree on the bridge

Tree on the bridge

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Walk leader

George B


Norham - westwards on the English side of the Tweed to the confluence with the Till - up the Till past Twizell Bridge then across country to Norham via Grindon.


Much better than forecast. Sunny with some cloud. Warm at times, but windy later.


George B, Lance, Ron.

Apologies and Excuses

Michael - looking after his dad

Michelle - recovering from sinusitis

George G and Ashley - skiing in Austria (envy all round)

Evelyn - knee trouble. Came along for the ride and went shopping in Berwick

Alex - preparing for karate exam

Beth - visiting the Cleadon nobility

Sandy - being Mum's Taxi

Julie - still in Oz - in text contact

Bernie - had workmen in - EXCUSE OF THE YEAR 2004

Philippa - working


Walked westwards along the English side of the Tweed. Passed several salubrious fishing huts. Saw an angler in a boat, with a ghillie rowing the boat to hold it against the current. Saw a well-appointed residence in Scotland. Nice lunch spot at the confluence of Till and Tweed, with a long bench to sit on, and a good view of a ruined chapel. It was a one-stop walk. Saw a tree growing on top of a bridge. Also crossed a 13th Century bridge at Twizell, and passed a mill. A lot of stiles - including several doubles, and some redundant stiles. Lots of burrs. Inconsiderate farmer had ploughed up the public footpaths into mud. Saw Tintin and Snowy at Grindon. Ron found a bronze or iron-age sword. Did not meet any walkers, but spied several gnomes and a Kermit. Also spotted a foot-and-mouth sign.

Wildlife: Only two mammals spotted throughout the walk - a deer and one rabbit. But there were lots of birds: greenfinch, blue tit, geese, swans, two herons, two raptors (sparrowhawk), lots of ducks (mallard and white), oystercatcher, moorhens and lots of pidgeons. Saw at least two salmon leaping. There was also a cockatoo in the window of the pub at the start. Heard a woodpecker.

Tea and cake at Millfield.

Evening meal

The Dyke Neuk (Is it a pub, is it a restaurant?). Joined by Evelyn, Michelle and Michael. Good food, with particularly nice ice cream.

Picture Gallery

March's walkers

March's walkers

By the Till

By the Till

Scottish residence

Scottish residence

Kilted Tintin and Snowy

Kilted Tintin and Snowy at Grindon

Bridge at Twizell

Bridge at Twizell

The Dyke Neuk

The Dyke Neuk

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