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Walk leader



Steel Rigg - Melkridge - Wealside - Greenlee Lough - Pennine Way - Hotbank Crags - Crag Lough. Saga walk - missed out the first bit and went direct to the bird hide at Greenlee Lough.


Cool and cloudy to hot and sunny - clammy as well. A touch of rain on the Saga walk.


Ashley, Bernie, Lance, Julie, Michelle, Michael, George G, George B, Evelyn, Ron.

Apologies and Excuses

Sandy and the girls - having haircuts, going to karate

Philippa - had company


Good walk - lots of loughs. Ashley's description of a ten-and-a-half mile flat walk - turned out not very flat. Generously described as gently undulating. Dry underfoot except for one muddy bit. Longest duckboard encountered so far. Lots of meadows with flowers, including yellow rattle. A naturalist's paradise - someone commented that David Bellamy should have been there to describe what we saw. Good lunch spot at the bird hide at Greenlee Lough.

Saw a stile covered with big bird droppings - speculations it was an owl perch. Sea-King fly-past. White horses galloped to welcome us and allowed us to stroke them. When we reached the farm, there were two elderly German shepherd dogs, and a nice garden with strongly-perfumed roses. Michelle found a bed of orchids and a luminous green spider.

Wildlife: Friendly guard goose at the start. Saw some other beautiful horses, brown with long black manes and tails, across the lough from the lunch-spot. Mute swans, Canada geese, small squashed frog. Ladybird with white spots. Cat with funny eyes. GG saw a reed bunting. House martins, pied wagtail, oyster catchers, heron. Six hounds out for a run. Aberdeen Angus and Highland coos and calves. Green-veined white butterflies, and painted ladies. White spider, ants, black-headed gulls, dead crow and dead swan.

Evening meal

Queen's Head, Great Whittington. Noisy birds outside. Spooky waiter.

Picture Gallery

June's walkers

June's walkers take one

June's walkers 2

Wonders of technology


At the pond


Through a meadow


Lough in sight


Through the duckboards


Some lunch on the beach...


...And some watch from the hide

Lough view

Greenlee Lough

Friendly horses

Friendly horses

Horse and Michael

Michael with horse

Robin Hood's tree

Robin Hood's Tree and the Roman Wall

Roman Wall overlooking Crag Lough

Roman Wall overlooking Crag Lough

Crag Lough

Crag Lough

Lance above Crag Lough

Lance above Crag Lough

At the Queen's Head

At the Queen's Head

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