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Walk leader



Keswick Station - Latrigg - Threlkeld circular - back along the railway line to Keswick


Continuous rain at first with horizontal bursts at the top. Heavy shower after lunch, then several minor showers until the end. Windy on top.


Michelle, Michael, George B, Evelyn.

Apologies and Excuses

Sandy and Ron - Beth's birthday

Ashley - stressed out and cracked up

Bernie - family party

Carol - couldn't make it (taking tea with George G)


Clarty in parts, and squelchy. Steep ascent at first then zig-zags to the top of Latrigg. Michael suggested lunch at the seat near the summit - this was overruled due to horizontal rain. Nice autumn colours - good views during lulls in the rain.

Lots of runners and dog walkers and ill-prepared people in trainers. The river was (unsurprisingly) high - fast and frothy. Excellent lunch spot - we had a roof, a seat and coathooks. Passers-by asked if we were serving coffee. Watched by a robin (waiting to mop up crumbs) while eating. Views of trees with raindrops and red berries. Lots of lichen on the trees by the river.

Conditions proved that Mike's, Michelle's and Evelyn's waterproofs weren't. Finished early. Mike complained about the speed of 2.7 mph instead of the usual 2.2 mph. Went to Fisher's in Keswick. All had hot mulled apple juice with orange, spices and cinnamon - delicious! Mike and Michelle went into Rohan and bought the waterproofs they should have had on the walk.

Wildlife: Robins, wren, red squirrel (ran from tree to tree), blackbirds, small bird with black and white striped wings, two mallard ducks standing on a stone in the middle of the river. Buzzard overhead.

Evening meal

Cart's Bog. Joined by Ashley.

Picture Gallery


Gang on Latrigg

George and Evelyn

George and Evelyn on Latrigg


View from Latrigg

Dark side

Welcome to the Dark Side


Drenched on Latrigg


Descent from Latrigg

Autumn colours

Autumn colours




Autumn panorama

Road sign

Road sign

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