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Walk leader

George B


Fatfield - North Hylton via Washington Wildfowl Park - South Hylton - Cox Green - Fatfield


Windy and dry, some sunshine. Mild for the time of year.


George, Ron, Sandy, Alex, Beth, Ashley.

Apologies and Excuses

Bernie - beginning of term busyness

Carol - recovering from work

Evelyn - visiting family, having just returned from a course in London

Mike and Michelle - in London


Nice walk along the north side of the river - through the woods. Impressive railway viaduct - a bit hairy crossing the river on the A19. Passed two riding schools. A lot of litter around. Some nice houses on the riverside, with their own post box. Lots of pubs but we never went into any. Found a golf ball and a canoe in the trees. Fed the ducks and geese - one goose dunked a large lump in the water to soften it before swallowing it.

Wildlife: Dead cormorant, lots of ducks, swans, geese (white and Canadian), chaffinch, robins, little terns.

Evening meal

The Keelman at Newburn. Joined by Evelyn.

Picture Gallery

January's walkers

January's walkers



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