Boxing Day



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Walk leader



From St Andrews station car park along the west side of the river to East Tanfield station, then a train ride back to St Andrews on the world's oldest working railway. Free mince pies were supplied with the train ticket.


Windy but became sheltered when we reached the woods.


Sandy, Ron, Alex, Beth,Michelle, Mike, Carol.

Apologies and Excuses

Bernie - family party

Ashley - Thailand

Evelyn and George B - entertaining George's mum

Lance and Julie - in South Africa


Good timing enabled us to cross a bridge (which is the oldest existing railway bridge in the world) and catch the steam train just as it was approaching the Causey Arch halt. Lunch of turkey sandwiches (with the exception of Carol who had cheese) was enjoyed in the woods, while watching the train on the other side of the valley.

After lunch, two deer were observed, one of which was within 20 yards of us. Once spotted they both bolted off across to the other side of the valley, leaping the river in one stride. Following the Waggonway walk to East Tanfield, good games of eye-spy and alphabet names were played while waiting for the train. We managed to do some running repairs to the Edwardian railway coach windows on the way back.

Wildlife: Deer, blackbirds, robin, midges.


We went to the Causey Arch pub for light refreshment. Following this, we all went back to George G's house for Buck's Fizz, bread sticks and chocolate cake. We were entertained by George's fish, angling clock and marmots.

Picture Gallery


Group photo


The Arch

All aboard

All aboard

Santa Express

Santa Express



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